Nicki's makeup by Arabelle, hair by Charles Olson, styling by Tavi, photo by Petra.

We loved how Arabelle did Nicki’s eyes in the photo above, from the beginning of October on Rookie. And how the style looked in Chrissie White’s girl gang photos from yesterday. We asked Arabelle to show us how to do it on ourselves, and she obliged with the video below.

Video edited by Rivkah.

Next month Jane Marie from the Hairpin will do a video tutorial for us on the look OF YOUR CHOICE. Tell us whose makeup and hair and ESSENCE you want to steal: Beyoncé in the “Why Don’t You Love Me” video? Debbie Harry? Josephine Baker? Audrey Horne? Margot Tenenbaum? The Ronettes? Penny Lane? Or someone not on this list that you’re obsessed with? Vote in the comments!