A visual report of Minna's week.


Last night I decided to catch up on The Colbert Report. The guest on this one episode was the author of a book that looks at how siblings shape you as an individual. He said something like, “Your siblings act as the dress rehearsal for your life.” But what about us only children? Read More »


Here in the middle of England we are in the midst of what might turn out to be an Indian summer, a phenomenon I’ve never experienced before. I’ve never seen it be this hot in autumn; I’ve never seen such blue sky with such yellow leaves. I know that most everyone loves warm weather. Not me. Read More »


The other day at lunch, a group of friends and I sat in a circle and talked about friends we had left behind. Everyone at some point had drifted away from a group or had to break up with a close friend. Some had been dumped themselves. It brought me back to this story. Read More »