Since I have a very low public-embarrassment threshold (on Friday I snot-rocketed into my hand during a round-table lecture class without a HINT of blushing—nothing can touch me), I have absolutely no problem broadcasting the following deep, private feelings of mine. Oh shoot, secret alert!

Confesh of the week: I AM OBSESSED WITH BOYS THAT LOOK LIKE THEY JUST EMERGED FROM A TIME CAPSULE SENT FROM THE 1970s. See one with boots and long hair strutting down the street? Got me a one-way ticket to Swoon City. I die. I like to imagine myself writing my name in hearts next to make-believe doodles (à la seventh-grade school notebooks) of the little jean-jacket-clad long-haired honeys from the ’70s that live in my dreams. I’ve been noticing a lot of these types of boys around town lately, so I’m feeling particularly inspired.

I’m in art school, where doodling in notebooks is required by all my instructors. In art school all of the things you were told not to do growing up are recast as things you should start doing now to be good at being creative. Other encouraged activities include drawing on the walls, coloring outside the lines, and saying bad words. But doodling seems to be the biggest one. Drawing weird stuff in the margins is a necessity, apparently, to become an art ~profesh~. But in a way this scholastic encouragement kind of takes the fun out of it. I sometimes like to pretend that I am still in the No Doodle Zone of seventh grade and indulge in that sentimentality.

So for this week, let me indulge in the once-prohibited guilty pleasure of teenage-girl crush doodles. In traditional teenage-crush fashion, I did do this in my actual school notebook.

On an unrelated note: I would like to forewarn everyone in the world that I am so excited for Halloween that I literally cannot accomplish anything on this day of supposed schoolwork because I am too busy practicing Halloween dress-up in my room right now. This is not my costume, but LOOK AT ALL THIS COOL COSTUME STUFF THAT I GOT THIS WEEKEND! Obviously, my dress-up experiments warranted a half-hour Photobooth documentation session. Much more important than homework. GET HYPED, PEOPLE! Get on my excitement level!

Dress up, stay cool! ♦