I have a super-round face with no discernible cheekbones. This isn’t fishing for compliments; strangers have told me this. How do I learn to like my face? It’s plagued me forever, and I gotta get over it. Any women I should look to for inspiration? —Lauren, Atlanta

Lauren, I could teach you all about contouring your cheeks like a professional drag queen, but I don’t think that’s what you need. Every one of us wishes something on our faces and bodies were different. It’s almost like we are programmed to be assholes to ourselves by constantly making comparisons with other people. In the end, that’s all bs. Since you already KNOW you have to get over this, you will. It’s one of those things about getting older and living life—after a while, those things don’t bother you anymore. Now you MIGHT have those insecure days once in a while. Sometimes I’ll look at my friends who don’t have a speck of anything on their faces and I’ll imagine myself like them, without freckles, moles, or acne scars, and be like “UGH I HATE YOU AND YOUR PERFECT DOLL FACE!” Then I remember I’d probably look weird with a porcelain face and realize my clear-complexioned friends are probably jealous of my long luscious locks and perfect nail beds. It’s just how it is. You aren’t going to ever have Kate Moss’s cheekbones, but so what? You, me, all of us, are hot in our own ways. Some ladies that come to mind with roundish faces and/or wide cheeks are Devon Aoki, Christina Ricci, Margaret Cho, Aimee Teegarden, Drew Barrymore, and Selena Gomez. They (as our favorite uncle Tim Gunn says) make it work. How you feel about yourself on the inside is always going to show on the outside. So love yourself good, because you’re gonna be with you for a long time, girl.

Gorgeous full-cheeked Devon.

I wear glasses but I wanna have fun with makeup too. Any ideas? —Anonymous

Since your pretty eyes are hiding behind glass doors, it might be hard for all of your admirers to gaze at them longingly. Bring them out with a lil’ curl of the lash and a good mascara! Have a good eyelash curler on hand, like this one from Shiseido or this one from Revlon. For mascara, I’m really into Benefit’s They’re Real and Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto. Go to a M.A.C. counter and try out a bunch of their fun eye shadows. You can even use a glitter eyeliner from Too Faced or Urban Decay to add some sparkle to your ojos. Final tip: don’t forget that you’re wearing eye makeup and accidentally rub your eyes (which I did just now while wearing my glasses). Good luck, my bespectacled sista!

Do you have any tips on foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and other colors to use for darker skin? —Anonymous

I personally believe you should wear foundation only if you have an uneven skin tone or need coverage for zits and scars. Otherwise, you’re probably OK using just a powder, like Maybelline’s Fit Me or a mineral powder from Bare Escentuals. If you still want to try foundation, Bobbi Brown has a great range of products for ladies of all skin shades.

With lipsticks, you can do almost anything. Women with darker skin can pull off a nice berry, which can sometimes look harsh on lighter girls. M.A.C.’s Hang-Up is a very nice deep plum. And if you want to try red lipstick (my favorite) their Ruby Woo looks good on almost everyone! It’s been a staple for girls I know with very fair to dark skin.

For eyes, I’m always a fan of black liner. It opens them up. You could also line your lids with a smoky gray matte like NARS eye shadow in Thunderball.

Plan a day at Sephora where you can try a bunch of different brands out and see what you like. You can also schedule a free makeover at department store makeup counter to learn some tricks. In the meantime, I’ll be over here jealous of your eternal tan.

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