Meadham Kirchhoff, and Petra's photos and crowns.

Last month we got together for an afternoon of crown-making inspired by Petra’s crowns, which are inspired by Meadham Kirchhoff’s crowns, and documented it all with this DIY video. We realized it’s pretty self explanatory, but maybe this can be of some help anyway! Plus, it makes it seem like Rookie operates from a magical house in which pretty girls are always walking around playing with cats, which we are totally OK with.

You’ll need:
Junk (fake flowers, pipe cleaners, figurines, bedazzles, ribbons, ET CETERA FOREVER AND EVER)
Glue gun + glue sticks
Hot chocolate

Random things to remember:
If you decorate it too far down the stuff will touch your ear.
Glue the spot on the headband before putting down whatever decoration.
Clip off a bit of the fake flower stems, but not so far that the petals detach from it.
It’s better to have lots of glue and be safe and a little gooey than not enough to hold the crown together for very long.

Here are the photos we took with the final products on our pal Annie.

Video shot by Avery Hunsberger. Animation and editing by Rivkah. Music by Stealing Sheep. Thanks to Hannah for letting us use her apartment and for being in the video, Julia for being in the video and her moral support through this rough endeavor of ours, and Annie for not being creeped out when Tavi chased her down in a store to ask if she would look all angelic for Petra’s camera.

If you end up making your own crown, send us a photo at [email protected]!