We hope you're enjoying interpreting Minna's diaries as much as we are.


A boy visited me last weekend. He was a “summer thing”—nothing serious, fun for a minute, and the deadline of having to return to California for school made it easy not to commit to anything. Hallelujah. I am not trying to date anyone, and definitely not someone from back home. And even though he’s a fun guy and everything … definitely not him. Read More »


I go on walks almost every day, usually listening to my iPod (sometimes pretending I am in a film—we all do it). My favourite things about my walks are the people I see. Sometimes there are very strange people. But every now and again I come across someone who looks so interesting that they qualify as a “missed connection.” Read More »


The last Friday pep rally we had, I went into my school’s basement and hid. I go there a lot, via a semi-secret stairway, to be alone and read a book while my classmates dress up and shout things like “I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE WE WILL WINNNNN,” or “GO UGH UGH UGH!” Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to be a cheerleader who wears sparkly blue knickers and enjoys football and pep rallies. I then think about sparkly knickers and cry in horror. Read More »