This is what happened to Minna this week.


My name is Dylan. Gratuitous biography talk: I was born in Kansas City, which is in Missouri, but my growing up happened in Seattle, Washington. I owe to this town most of who I am right now. That is, an overcaffeinated, slightly awkward, seasonally affected music fiend with a strong internal urge to proclaim my Seattle heritage and also party! And walk around and look at pretty nature! And barely drive ever! See, Seattle is SO COOOOL!!!! BEST EVER!!!! (In my world, ironic enthusiasm is not mutually exclusive with sincerity.) Read More »


My name is Naomi and I live in a little town on the outskirts of Birmingham, England. This has its good and bad connotations. One of the bad ones is that it’s hard to find good magazines—I have to order Lula online. Another one is that I don’t have what outsiders think of as a “British” accent.* No, I have a light Brummie accent. Not very noticeable to my ears, but it usually produces a response if I’m anywhere else in the country. Read More »


When the sixth grade started, I was still a sensible-underwear kind of girl. My Hanes accompanied me to after-school activities like chess club and book club, and I thoroughly enjoyed the security that only thick elastic bands and huge swaths of cotton can provide. One afternoon that school year, my panties drawer was rocked. Read More »