Illustration by Minna

The kids today! With their Facebooks, and their Tumblrs, and their Twitters: When will they ever settle down and do something useful for a change?

This, anyway, is the prevailing tone when we speak about young people. Especially when we talk about politics. People go around parroting the stereotype of the shallow, ineffective, narcissistic, ineffective, uninvolved millennial. There’s only one problem with all of these complaints: they’re dead wrong.

For, behold! I bring you young activists. All I had to do was send out a few tweets and emails, and I was flooded with suggestions. Below, you’ll find just a few of the very non-useless, non-apathetic women I talked to. They’re mentoring other young people; they’re promoting sexual health and pride within their communities; they’re fighting against harassment; one of them has been part of an actual revolution. The kids are all right. And they’re making the world an all right place to live.