I’m not typically a violent person, but sometimes I see the cutest clothes in movies and it makes me want to commit HORRIBLE bloody crimes in order to make them mine. That’s normal, right?
1. In the 1983 movie Valley Girl, the singer Josie Cotton and her band perform at prom. She is wearing a patent-leather miniskirt with a racetrack on it, and every time I see it I have a serious moment. A moment to reflect on the fact that I will never have this skirt. NEVER EVER! Maybe if I wait a few years Jeremy Scott will re-create it.
2. Never underestimate the power of head jewels. Just look at what the princess is wearing in The Neverending Story. What is this? It’s not a crown or a necklace. Basically it is a magical headpiece for a magical princess. Who doesn’t want to be that?
3. Veruca Salt is a sassy little bitch. The scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where she rips apart the Chocolate Golden Egg Sorting Room remains one of my favorites. She doesn’t care HOW; she wants what she wants NOW. What better way to display that mindset than with a red knit minidress with a white Peter Pan collar? Veruca took an innocent little dress and made it devilish. I need this dress and if I don’t get it I’m going to SCREAM.
4. Connie Marble is a corrupt villain in John Waters’s Pink Flamingos. She’s also super stylish; just look at that clown-wig-red hair! She wears the coolest cat-eye glasses you could ever see. The perfect accessory for your crazy-librarian look (don’t say that you don’t have one, because you should).
5. These amazing cake shoes, from last year’s Tiny Furniture, really bring out the baked-goods enthusiast in me. I want to let everyone know how much I love cake via my feet.
6. Opinionated feminist artist Stella has an amazing wardrobe in the 2010 film Kaboom. She wears these clear boots with silver stripes up the side consistently throughout the movie. They go with everything and look like something out of The Jetsons. Do these beauties exist in real life?
7. Makeover scenes are beautiful things, especially when they take place at a fashion magazine. I saw The Devil Wears Prada in seventh grade (during my prime fashion-industry-obsessed years) and was really into these Chanel boots. They are the hottest things I have ever seen. I’m not usually into sleek, black, sexy things, but these are so killer. Are these even boots? They’re like leather leggings with a heel. Does it matter?
8. Remember in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when Clementine and Joel travel back to Joel’s childhood and Clementine is wearing THE greatest dress in the universe? She even comments on how amazing it is! Just look at that fringe—it’s perfect! I guess you have to travel inside of Joel’s memory to get it.
9. And, of course, the ultimate prom dress. Any girl who has ever seen Pretty in Pink can attest that the dress was BETTER BEFORE. Gosh, Andie! How could you do that?! I guess it doesn’t matter since she still looked awesome at the prom, but I wish she had left this dress in its ’60s debutante form. It’s exactly what I want to wear to my own prom.