teenage bedroomTeenage Bedroom
There is something magical about a teenager’s bedroom, hidden among the beauty products strewn across the dresser, tucked between volumes on a cluttered bookshelf, hidden in the wall collage of posters, CD inserts, and pages from magazines. A teenager’s bedroom is so much more than where she sleeps—it can represent her entire personality. This Tumblr is a celebration of these spaces, featuring photos submitted by girls and boys all around the world. Welcome to the land of the teenager! —Hazel
Mend My Dress
Neely Bat Chestnut
This zine reminds me of everything I love about zines. It’s personal, printed, and mailed, and would definitely not reach me the same way if I read it on a computer screen. Newsletter style, composed on a typewriter, and adorned with stickers and markings, Mend My Dress is a personal account of Neely’s life events and how she feels about ’em. My favorite thing about it though is that its honesty isn’t the same as random people you don’t really know giving details of their relationships on Facebook—Neely is purposefully vague, which only makes the writing stronger and the emotion more raw. The point isn’t that we readers know all the details, it’s that we understand their collective effect when built up into a feeling, and maybe even relate. Man, I love tangibility and feelings and connecting with human beings. Quit looking at this website and order her zine. Mend My Dress is between $1 and $2, plus shipping, on Ms. Valerie Park Distro. —Tavi
Maybe you’re a lesbian. Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re too busy doing arts and crafts and reading books and writing to pin down your own sexuality (DEFINITELY NOT TALKING ABOUT MYSELF HERE). None of this matters—you should be reading Autostraddle, the best lesbian blog on the Internet. The site is more than just pictures of cute ladies and news about gay rights, though you’ll find these things in abundance. It also looks at fashion and pop culture with a perspective that’s a bit more inclusive and philosophical than your typical “website for women.” The writing manages to be at once lighthearted, thoughtful, and critical in addressing topics that range from economics to Pretty Little Liars to body image. If I had to come up with one criticism of Autostraddle, I’d be forced to complain that six updates a day isn’t enough. —Jamie
Animals Being Dicks
Finally, a website dedicated to answering the question on everybody’s minds: just how many different ways can an ostrich be hilarious? On this Tumblr, Georgia-based web designer John Williams curates the most hilarious gifs depicting pets and wildlife wreaking vengeance. My personal favorites tend to involve cutesy kittens with a violent side, but there are enough different species represented to appeal to nearly any dedicated procrastinator, no matter what her animal weakness may be. —Anna
Somebody once said that you can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re always busy thinking about yesterday, but I forget who. Retrospace’s amazing trove of vintage images is either a telling glimpse into our shared cultural past or just a really sweet collection of nostalgic old junk, depending on how you choose to look at these things. Go there, but be prepared to lose many precious hours of your fleeting youth exploring the confusing, hilarious worlds of vintage fashion and beauty ads (“Is your hairdo more important than your laxative?”), schlocky ’60s horror comics (“Doom Cats: No Grave Can Hold Them!!”), really obscure TV screenshots (Spock playing a space zither for Uhura!), and possibly every photo of a miniskirt ever taken. Who needs tomorrow when yesterday’s this good? —Leeann
I am a self-proclaimed humor expert. I’m also a self-proclaimed expert on pie. I’m an expert about bats! See, now I’m an expert on that also. And as a self-proclaimed expert about myriad subjects (see above), I … well … really have no authority to tell you that Megan Amram is an exquisitely funny comedian, tweeter and all-around lady. Would a pie expert lie to you? Well, yes. But not about this! —Shelby
Nicolette Mason
Nicolette Mason is an awesome girl with awesome style who leads a pretty awesome life and does an awesome job of documenting it. Did you see how many times I wrote “awesome”? Yeah, she’s just that rad. If you need any proof of this, please check out this sick pair of glitter oxfords (not to mention the actual kitty paw painted with pink glitter). I mean! —Laia
Chrissie White
Some of the most enchanting photographs being made today are the found on unsung personal photo blogs. For example: the work of 18-year-old photographer Chrissie White. Her simple yet perfect photo blog publishes a charming stream of daily snaps that will make you wish that you, too, could be part of her diary. —Eleanor
Angel Does Stuff
Are you, like me, still tormented by the cancelation of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff Angel? Or perhaps you simply miss the brooding visage of David Boreanaz? Well, your prayers have been answered. Behold: Angel Does Stuff, in which the vampire with a soul (or a somewhat more soulless, cardboard version of him) embarks on gritty new adventures, such as building a blanket fort, playing Call of Duty, and spending a little too much time lurking around the local high school. Dude, you’re like 200 years old; it is time to move on. —Sady