You grab your multi-atmospheric visor to account for any possible barometric or molecule configuration changes as you travel (who knows where you’re going?!) and head to the Public Teleport booth. Before stepping in, you grab a fuzzy violet pebble from the ground—it’s your Key of Remembrance so you can get back home safely whenever you want. You slide the door closed, take a deep breath, and when you exhale you’ve made it to the destination.

You open the door and you’re at:

A. The dance party of your life, where everyone is laughing, dressed to the hilt in the best kind of crazy. There’s glitter spilling from the ceiling like a rainbow of light, the music’s pumping—who knows what kind of fun trouble awaits on the dance floor?!

B. Celestine Beach! The ocean here is super clear and opalescent, and double-finned dolphins serenade your dreamy walk along the water’s edge in the dazzling baby blue sands.

C. The Holotropic Arcade MegaCube, illuminated in all its flashing, phytokinetic neon glory! Full of all the best spinball, biographical hyper-reality, and old-fashioned wavegames, it’s the best spot to lose yourself and just have fun—get to it!