On your way, cruising through the mid-ozone, you find a shiny turquoise seed floating nearby. What’s that doing here? You grab it as you cruise down to the field below in a three-point drop, landing perfectly, and press the seed into a patch of soft soil. Up sprouts a memory bio-board made of short, shimmering grass the same bright aqua as the seed. You take a few steps back and realize the pattern kinda looks like what were called “crop circles” back in the day, when visitations from other intergalactic beings was mostly just crazy talk that no one believed. Yes! You found a rare Hydrodot Dream Seed. Up until now you weren’t even sure those existed, but now you know.

Here, deciphered in Earthographic code, the field is a pictorial of…

A. An invitation spelling out instructions to go to the nearest Public Teleport booth for the fulfillment of your wildest dream.

B. A map to the excessively dreamy Celestine Beach, where the sand is powder blue and the water is crystalline.