There’s no net big enough to catch all the ideas brewing in your ever-growing imagination—so it’s a good thing you’ve got an infinity journal to keep it all in one place. You head home, mementos of your amazing day in hand, and you can’t wait to add them to your collection of intergalactic currency, dried tree-film leaves, and stardust. No two days are ever alike for you—the next enterprise that calls for dream weaving, you’ll be there. ♦



Art direction by María Fernanda Molins and María Rangel Isas. Makeup by Daniella Morbid. White dress by María Rangel. Thanks to Momo Zaragoza for assistance with styling, and Carmiña, Nancy, Norma, and Valery for modeling. A very special thanks to Gibran, Manolin, Ricardo Luevanos, Lulú Melón Sandía and Ximena Reynosa.