You step out to the fine, soft, baby blue sands of Celestine Beach, naturally warmed by benevolent geothermic activity just below the surface. The opalescent water is so absolutely clear you can see all the smooth golden pebbles glistening among the marbled urchin shells and violet phytoplankton at the bottom. Slick black seals bask in the silver moonlight on rock platforms jutting from the ocean. Every now and then a double-finned dolphin leaps from the waves, emitting angelic tones.

What’s next?

A. An introspective walk along the water’s edge, collecting the coolest urchin shells along the way to remind you of this amazing moment. You can conjure this adventure every time you look at them.

B. This is all pretty gorgeous, yes. But now it’s time to go out dancing.

C. Find the rock that’s marked with a white patch and note that the water below it is deep. You’ve heard about this spot—and it’s always sounded like fun. You climb up, take a deep breath, and run and jump right in! Super exhilarated, you surface, look up at the stars, and decide that life is perfect.