Here is a video of the Rookie staff, asking YOU (yes, you!) to GET INVOLVED!

(We are big fans of the vintage, old-timey feel of TV static from 2002.)

If you think you have something that’d make a good Rookie piece, let us know! Please keep in mind a few things: there aren’t very many of us and we are humans and we need to do things like eat and sleep and in some cases go to school, so we can’t answer each of you individually. We mean well, but sometimes it will take us a while to get through everything. Please be patient. (Obsessively emailing us won’t help, either, it’ll just make us crazy.) To make our lives easier, and your submission more friendly, please include, in the BODY OF YOUR EMAIL, a SHORT description of what’s attached. If you’re sending an essay or story, also include a few representative paragraphs from the piece, with a paragraph or two describing the rest of it, and attach the story as a document or a link to a Google Doc (make sure you give us permission to view it!). (All written pieces should be at least 800 words long—please don’t send anything shorter than that, unless it’s a poem.) If you’re sending a photo set, attach a few shots (NOT HUGE FILES PLEASE) that are representative of the whole set, and we’ll let you know if we want to see more. More more MORE!!

Also, please write us if:
• You’d like us to consider reviewing your band or are interested in making us a monthly theme song.
• You have a zine or book you’d like to send for possible review, and need a mailing address if you don’t have a digital copy.
• You’d like us to look at your illustrations, because you want to illustrate stories for us—send us a link where we can look at your work, but please keep in mind that because we’re lucky enough to have so many great illustrators working with us, new spots on our staff open up very rarely.

Please do not:
• Pitch work to us via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or anywhere else that isn’t our submissions inbox, listed below.
• Send us the same email more than once.

We’ll be asking you for specific stuff sometimes! So keep your eyes peeled on posts and on a “Rookie News Alert” that will sometimes pop up and say something like “send us a picture and description of your notebook/locker/sneakers/closet/funny cat.” By sending them to us you give us the right to post them on Rookie in perpetuity, which means forever and ever. Mwahahaha. You can read more about that in our Terms of Use.

We’ll have some ongoing readers’ features, like Friend Crush, a column in which you nominate a BFF you’re obsessed with and get to talk about how rad she is. To do this, email a short description of you and your friend to and make sure the subject line says Friend Crush. We’ll have more of these kinds of things coming, too. Keep your eyes on the Rookie News Alerts.

If you want to submit something to Rookie

First, please make sure you’ve actually read the above. Then, email

Finally, we have semi-qualified adults standing by to answer your—yes, YOUR—questions.

To send questions to be considered for our “Ask a Grown Person” columns, please email

To send questions to Beauty and Style Columnist Marie Lodi, please email

For all of the above, please be sure to include your first name and your location (though nothing resembling your actual address, please).

Finally, if you’re a member of the press or have some more-general questions, please email