Rookie is…

…an online publication for teenage girls featuring writing, photography, illustrations, videos, and more from a lovely staff and our readers. The site features monthly “issues,” each revolving around a theme. We post three times a day—after school, after dinner, and before bed—and once a day on the weekends.

There are lots of ways to navigate through the site – you can sort by categories and tags and authors and browse and search and more. We’ll leave you to discover your favorite method.

Editor-in-Chief Tavi Gevinson first mentioned the concept for Rookie on her blog, Style Rookie, in April 2010, and received a huge response. This resulting site is the result of hard work and dedication from a vital group of writers, editors, photographers,videographers, designers, programmers, and thinkers. It’s also an independent venture. Rookie features advertising that helps sustain its existence, and we’re happy to have it, but we’re beholden to no one. Staff and contributors have editorial freedom and own their own material.

But enough about us! We want to hear from you.

Editor-in-Chief - Tavi Gevinson
Editorial Director and Story Editor – Anaheed Alani
Managing Editor – Lauren Redding
Story Editors – Lena Singer and Amy Rose Spiegel
Music Editor – Jessica Hopper

Design – Rumors – Renda Morton, Andy Pressman and Zack Seuberling
Project Manager – Jeremy Zilar
Logo and Illustration design – Cynthia Merhej

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And a thousand thanks to our guardian angels…
Steve Gevinson – Jane Pratt – Ira Glass – John Shankman, Choire Sicha & Alex Balk of The Awl – Rex Sorgatz of Kinda Sorta Media