Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is hallowed. Lady Luna is in your 8th house of magic, so you’re being called to spiritually honor something important to you.

Dylan’s advice: This is a ritualistic new moon for you, Leo. What does that even mean? Well, it doesn’t mean that you need to have purchased all the right crystals, or be literate in the Tarot, or need a circle of witches to help you incant ancient hymns! It just means that there’s something you want to welcome into your life on a spiritual, deeply layered level. And now’s the moment for you to set aside a little personal space to consider it, turn it over, let go whatever is in its way, be it through journaling, burning pieces of paper symbolizing things you want to rid yourself of, or meditating in a park or by a body of water. To commune with the deep thing you really want, do it in a way that feels like you.