scorpio1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is trust. Lady Luna is in your seventh house of partners, so you’re being called to trust people. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard. You’re a natural skeptic, but under this moon, it’s OK to believe. Mulder and Scully will understand.

Dylan’s advice: Trust is basically a conversation among your intuition, your fears, and your observance of reality. It doesn’t ask you to ignore, but it does ask you to listen. Think about the people on the other side of your one-on-one relationships: Does your observance of their behavior align with your intuition, or not? Do your fears throw up some red flags? You’re entering a new period of openness to trustworthy relationships. Don’t cross that threshold with folks who trigger your fears or make you uneasy about how they conduct themselves in the world. We’ve been through some retrogrades, which are periods of review. If anyone close to you alarmed your inner voice as Venus and Mercury were backtracking, or forced you to reflect on their role in your life, take a pause. With intention, carefully consider who you’re letting in.