aries1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is heirloom. Lady Luna is in your second house of earnings, so you’re being called to ponder the quality of things you purchase or invest your time in. It is something you’d want future generations to associate with you?

Dylan’s advice: Our tastes and our values have an interesting relationship. We have natural preferences—for art and music and food and stuff. When we want to acquire something we have a taste for, we make a judgement about its value and whether it’s worthy of our time, money, or other resources. Taurus wants us to be comfortable and revel and roll around in the beauty around us. It also challenges us to question how we asses value. Are you spending your time and money on things/environments that improve your quality of life? Or are you investing in objects or activities that lead to regret and/or overextension? Assess your impulses around money and material things. Embark on a more intentional path to getting what you want.