sagittarius1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is commitment. Lady Luna is in your sixth house of healthy habits, so you’re being called to nail down a routine that feels good to you. Your sign is resistant to structure in any form, but that’s why it’s so good for you. When you have boundaries to thwart, you thrive.

Dylan’s advice: Taurus wants to feel good, and this new moon is asking you to nail down the details of how, exactly, that’s accomplished. How do you take care of yourself? Not in a “swallow your spinach with a grimace” way, but one that centers on what’s right and fruitful to you? Health and organization don’t have to be synonymous with stasis, the worst fear of Sags. Create structure around your schedule and your expectations of yourself. It will help you thrive and run as wild ’n’ free as you need to—on your terms, as well as in agreement with your boundaries. Think of ways to pursue your desired outcomes without pushing against your instinct to go with the flow. A strict calendar might not work for you, but you know how you operate best. Getting into a routine of any kind—even a loose one—can nudge us out of our comfort zones, but new habits don’t have to be imposing. Set your own rules and drop your own anchors. Feel this out yourself, so you can feel better all the time.