I’ve recently started watching the show Chewing Gum. It’s so cool that there is a show based around someone raised in a strict, religious family. It’s also cool to me that the main character Tracey is a 24-year-old virgin, but she’s not completely lonely—she has friends and a job and is able to get a boyfriend, although he’s a bad poet who can’t keep a job for longer than a week. It’s such a great show, plus I understand the jokes and find them funny because of the British humor.

I’m enjoying my regular routine of staying at home, watching TV shows, and eating Cheetos. Sometimes, I get scared that I’m too easy to please, then I remember that I love who I am (not in a self-centred way). I’ve always been taught to care for others and make sure everyone else is OK, and in doing that I tend forget about taking care of myself.

It’s nothing new that I seek solidarity in TV shows. I can put Chewing Gum on my list of things to watch when I feel like the world doesn’t have space for me. It’s a reminder that I’m here for a reason, that I belong here. ♦