scorpio1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is harmony. Lady Luna is in your 11th house of friendship, so you’re being called to embrace the differences that make your relationships with others beautiful. Don’t let minor irritations get you down; instead, think of them as dissonant notes in an otherwise lovely chord.

Dylan’s advice: This new moon is in the domain of Virgo, which can be nitpicky, critical, perfectionistic—or so the stereotypes go. Don’t let these clichés rule the energy of September’s new moon eclipse! Transcend knee-jerk reactions caused by variances in personalities. Aim for acceptance, and delight in those differences instead! Make it your special Scorpio challenge to let go of annoyance this new moon cycle. What lies beyond that prickliness, and what can you find that is fascinating rather than infuriating? Initiate a phase of receiving others’ energies—are they curious to you, are they confusing, are they enthusiastic? Some people are, I know, simply grating to your sensibility’s DNA, and that’s just what it is for all of us. But if you take a step to develop your consciousness beyond a point of irritation and into a realm of curious acceptance, it just might stick—as is the magical staying power of projects initiated at new moon eclipses!