libra1.jpg copyAmelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is wholehearted. Lady Luna is in your 12th house of dreams, so you’re being called to go all-in for whatever you’re hoping to achieve. Give it everything you’ve got, and watch the accolades stack up.

Dylan’s advice: This new moon eclipse is sending a direct beam to your intuition, begging you to diligently pay attention to the messages it’s sending you! Beyond what your teachers tell you you’re good at, what your folks think you should do with your life, what kind of person your peers see you as—deep down, and I mean really deep down, where do you want to go, beyond all expectations? Set a course for the next few weeks to listen to your unconscious and your intuition to get a true-blue read on how to approach your biggest dreams. At first, it may feel like putting up a conch shell to your ears to “hear the ocean,” in that it’s like, Am I hearing something real, or is this just an illusion? But get dat shell outta yer ear, pal, and turn it the other way. Blow on it like a trumpet, and call on your power team to instantaneously assemble despite all logistical obstacles. Magic! This team is made up of your deepest selves. If you ask for their help, they will show up for you, ready to assist.