cancer1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is network. Lady Luna is in your third house of socializing, so you’re being called to think about how the groups you associate with reflect who you are. If spending time with someone doesn’t make you say “OMG yes,” then it’s OK to politely decline.

Dylan’s advice: Virgo ruling this new moon is like the universe taking a highlighter and red pen to your social life, like it’s an essay that needs reworking. There’s all this sparring cosmic energy coming through, and we have to be honest with ourselves. Just like editing work you’ve written or crafted, it can feel uncomfortable to get constructively critical with your life, but it has to be done to arrive at the best possible draft. Cancer is the zodiac’s steadfast sweetheart, so it might be especially hard for you to be candid with yourself about the quality of your company, and whether or not that part of your story needs a revise. Harness this visit from critical but constructive Virgo to get the clarity-boost you need to form a solid crew of positive support around you. Cancer loves comfort, but let Virgo help you get a little uncomfortable so that you can ultimately take a stand for what’s important to you.