taurus1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is savor. Lady Luna is in your fifth house of enjoyment, so you’re being called to upgrade your entertainment. Netflix and hot Cheetos? Maybe, but only if that makes your soul soar. Be mindful about what you’re consuming.

Dylan’s advice: Taurus, you are inclined to indulge—like a lady all overly hot and bothered about the dulce de leche swirl at the bottom of the cup in a yogurt commercial—but it’s time to take a hard look at the way you treat yourself. First of all, let’s just acknowledge that yogurt is yogurt—there is no fooling that it is not ice cream, or any other true dessert. Are you copping to the fancy yogurt of life because you think it’s what you should like, rather than what you really want? Don’t Yoplait yourself. There is such a thing as indulgence fatigue: It feels distinctly void of any sincere pleasure, and that’s because it isn’t very intentional. Are you metaphorically eating two cups of half-dessert products in order to make up for not just allowing yourself that one, complete treat? Don’t fill up your life with candy-flavored yogurt, my friend of earthly delights! This Virgo new moon is not about restriction. It’s about intention, and redirecting your resources into things that will make you more truly, fully satisfied.