aquarius1Amelia’s horoscope: Your keyword for the new moon is vulnerable. Lady Luna is in your eighth house of intimacy, so you’re being called to lay down some serious boundaries. It’s not necessarily anything scary—but even having too many group texts going on at once can get overwhelming. Claim your space.

Dylan’s advice: This is hard for everyone to address, but it’s your turn on the cosmic merry-go-round to deal with setting up your own space in the interconnected universe of your relationships. Maybe you’ve been oversharing and overspending in your social life, and need to craft new limits in order to preserve your you-ness. Conversely, you might have your guard so far up, even around those you love and trust, that you feel you can’t be vulnerable or true to yourself with them for fear of some scary collapse! Listen: You are not a robot who can take on everyone’s issues or blabber or say yes to everything. You aren’t the other kind of robot, either—the one who just processes instead of feels. Unzip your bot-suit (even though you look fly as hell in that chrome get-up), and let the human with their own thoughts and feelings and needs get a bit of fresh air.