I am practicing living in the moment.

It’s so ridiculously beautiful how, whenever I’m present, I notice the faint glow the light creates on my grandmother’s dyed hair (the color has faded to plum now and I like it so much); I hear positive voices in my head, howling reinforcements to get me through the day; I become more aware of people’s kindness—how they actually don’t mind going out of their own way just to help someone, even a stranger; I see detective-ish coded glances, winks, smirks, and hand signals; a friend’s commonplace glance now seems to me a declaration of trust.

I marvel at all these. I find these profound, meaningful, lovely little things by mindfully staying in the present moment and stitch them together until I come up with a smorgasbord of human warmth and goodness. Also: Ugh yes, it gets me through some bad days.

Speaking of the present moment: Tonight, I am getting ready to see friends who I haven’t seen in a month and I am hella excited to catch up with them. I’m listening to the The Queen Is Dead, an album by the Smiths, and I find myself dancing.

I can feel the night’s impending magic reverberate in my nerves. ♦