Step Twelve


Next up: stitching the skirt panels together! Start by placing the front flap piece so that its printed side touches the printed side of the skirt’s back piece. Pin the pieces together at the curved side (where your hips would go). Sew a straight line a half-inch away from the raw edge (where the pieces are pinned together).

Step Thirteen


Next, place the right (patterned/printed) sides of the skirt front and skirt back together. Pin them along the curved side, and sew a straight line a half-inch away from the raw edge.

After stitching both sides, the whole thing should look something like this:


When you lay the fabric flat, the skirt front will be on the left, the skirt back will be in the middle, and the front flap will be on the right.

Step Fourteen


Use your iron to press the seams you stitched open, so they lay flat like so.

Step Fifteen


After ironing, finish the raw edges on the side seams with a zigzag stitch.

Step Sixteen

Now it’s time to prep the skirt’s straps/ties! In order for the skirt to close/tie properly, you’ll need to add a belt loop to one side of the skirt and a button hole to the other. These features will act as channels for the ties to go through, and help keep the skirt in place while you’re wearing it. First, the buttonhole:


    1. On the inside of the skirt (the where the raw edges of the seams show), find side seam that connects the back part of the skirt and the front flap. Measure one inch away from the waistline and mark this point on that side seam with a pin.

    2. From that pin, measure one inch down the seam and mark that spot with a second pin.

    3. Between those two pins, sketch out a skinny rectangular shape directly over the side seam.

    4. Sew all the way around this marking with a straight stitch. Pretty soon, this is going to be a buttonhole!

Step Seventeen


Use a seam ripper (or pointy scissors) to snip open the part of the side seam that’s inside the ring of stitching you just did. Be careful not to snip through the stitching itself! This is what the buttonhole will look like from the outside of the skirt when you’re done:



Step Eighteen

To make the belt loop, you’ll essentially be repeating the exact same process that you did with the buttonhole, only this time you’ll be working on the outside of the skirt:


    1. Along the side seam that connects the skirt back to the skirt front, measure one inch down from the waistline and mark that spot with a pin.

    2. From the first pin, measure another inch further down the seam and mark that place with another pin.

    3. Place the small belt-loop rectangle of fabric between these two pins and stitch into place by sewing the top and bottom edges of the loop to the skirt, just like you would with a belt loop on a pair of jeans.

    Step Nineteen


    One last thing! To finish the skirt, pin a double-fold hem along the outer perimeter of the skirt and sew with a straight stitch.

    Step Twenty


    On the skirt’s waistline, pin the un-sewn end of a strap/tie to the outer corner, and stitch into place.

    YAAAAAY! ALL DONE! Give yourself a pat on the back, and get ready to strut this skirt’s stuff…

    How to wear it:


    Weave the tie from the right-hand side of the skirt through the buttonhole you made on the left-hand side. Pull the tie from the left-hand side through the belt loop to the right-hand side. Bring both ties around to your back and make a bow to close.

    You and this skirt are gonna go places this summer! ♦