Dear Diary

August 13, 2014

High hopes and racing hearts.


I thought I felt like an official member of my new soccer team when I saw my name on the roster. Then I tried on my uniform for the first time and felt really official—I couldn’t stop grinning at myself in the mirror. But tomorrow night, I’ll lace up my cleats and step onto the field for the first time with my new teammates for our first practice, and that makes it more official than just about anything.

I’m nervous. I’m excited. I can hardly think about anything else.

I started playing soccer just because my friends did, and because my dad coached our team. The game was noncompetitive and fun. And now, just a few years later, I’m chasing goals on high school and club teams and having more fun than ever.

I don’t know if I’ll keep playing competitively after high school, but when it comes to love of the sport, I’m in too deep to ever stop playing. ♦


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  • netraasmiles August 13th, 2014 8:50 PM

    Ananda, I totally feel you. People think that they can “fix” you by throwing you into social situations at you’re just not able to take. Like, if someone was allergic to peanuts, would others just force them to eat a bunch of peanut butter to “get over it”?!?!

  • priyalatifah August 14th, 2014 10:01 AM

    Britney, I can totally relate. The delivery of my words never comes out the way I plan it to in my head, and I feel like people see me as somewhat timid and maybe kind of weak when I want them to see me as confident and to also have a blunt, interesting presence

  • elektraheart August 15th, 2014 8:19 PM

    Past *month, not mont. Just a little error.

  • insanejane August 24th, 2014 8:26 AM

    omg, it seems that britney is writing exactly what my brain is always saying to myself… so strange the last sentence is exactly me…

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