Last Friday my school had its year 11 prom (that’s “junior prom” to you American types). And although the whole ordeal was very stressful and anxiety-provoking, I will admit that I ended up having a blast. It went like this:

3 PM  My best friend, Sophie, arrives at my house earlier than expected, so we apply face masks and watch an episode of Dexter

4:00  I start on Sophie’s hair. Sophie has a LOT of hair, so it takes just under an hour to curl it all.

4:50  My mum curls and styles my hair. It doesn’t take nearly as long.

5:00  Sophie’s mum arrives with Keir and Jellybean, our friends, who look beautiful and sophisticated. Sophie and I are still working on our makeup, provoking comments from the others about how long we were taking (which in my opinion wasn’t very long for such a momentous occasion). We slip into our dresses and our (very high) heels and admire ourselves in the mirror. Not bad, I think.

6:00  My dad takes our pictures out in the garden. He’s a teacher, but he’s so good at photography he could practically be a professional. He photographs us in pairs and as a group. In our high heels, Sophie, Jellybean, and I tower over Keir, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

7:00  We grab our bags, kiss our mothers goodbye, and head out the door. My dad drives us all to the venue, where it seems like half of our class is already there, staring at us.

8:00  At our table, we’re given orange juice in champagne glasses. The boys are given roses to give to the girls. Keir comes up and gives me and Sophie each a rose. Awwww.

10:00  Our three-course meal being served and eaten, we duck inside the photo booth to snap more pictures.

10:30  Dancing! (Not very good dancing, I should specify.)

11:00  My mum picks us up and takes us back to my house, where I change my shoes and pack an overnight bag.

Midnight  We go to Sophie’s dad’s flat. He’s away on holiday. We change into our pyjamas and have a discussion as to whether or not we should consume any alcohol.

1 AM  We consume alcohol.

1:30–3:00  We dance, I sing (a little too much), and we all say, over and over, how much we love one another.

3 AM  We fall asleep, exhausted and happy. ♦