Dear Diary

July 9, 2014

Prom, piercings, and other rites of passage.


I turned 15 on Monday. I’m not entirely comfortable about this fact.

Being 14 was the best year of my life, and it feels like turning 15 officially closes the door on that golden age. It’s already fading into memories and “Remember when…?”s. I wonder if I will always remember.

To commemorate my last day as a 14-year-old, I got a second piercing in one of my ears. Then I walked around St. Marks Place and the surrounding area, trying to memorize a map of important things that happened this year.

There is so much I want to say about being 15 and surviving the summer and being in love and the thoughts I’ve had over the course of the past week or so, but none of it has the cohesion on paper that it does in my mind. I’ll find a way soon (I hope). ♦


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  • Me_Magalloway July 9th, 2014 7:56 PM

    “…but even organized bookshelves and a pristine floor can’t distract me from the fact that my summer is whittling itself away.” Ha, that’s me.

  • erinxo July 10th, 2014 2:24 AM

    Lilly, I relate to what you wrote so much. I’m 22, barely leave the house anymore and have a list of things I want to do but I just let the days pass by.

  • insanejane July 10th, 2014 7:03 AM

    hey, i think the wikipedia link for the kites is not working (at least for me…)
    all my interest was on the diaries but just to let you know this!

    I especially loved Lilly’s entry which feel so relevant for me at this period of summer’s beginning. Need to be active to be filled with adventures !

    thank you for all those entries girls <3

  • Elsary July 10th, 2014 8:01 AM

    Caitlin, I love that realization! It’s beautiful, but it also tells and speaks so much.
    Britney, I can’t say I know how you feel, cos I don’t. But I felt something similar last year, when I turned fifteen. I’m sure you’ll remember the best of things. Happy birthday anyway!
    Lilly, you made me feel like I was there, flying that kite. And I have the same feeling/problem, about doing stuff.
    Ananda, that sounds really nice! I’m glad that you had good time :)

  • sissiLOL July 10th, 2014 9:50 AM

    I also want a prom but that doesn`t exist in Germany… :-/

  • flingsgotoofast July 10th, 2014 1:38 PM

    I relate to this sooo much, if I’m not careful I waste an entire week doing nothing. I’m usually in my room, or my sister’s, watching Netflix and drawing or painting the day away. I feel like my summer is wasting away but I also feel like there’s nothing I can do to save it. I currently have one friend who I genuinely like and I wish that I would have found more people that I like this year in school instead of wasting it dealing with people I don’t really care for. Hopefully I will be able to find something I actually like to make my summer worthwhile! Great article, like always xx

  • Bex_cygnet July 10th, 2014 10:05 PM

    Loved this week’s entry Lilly!