Dear Diary

July 2, 2014

We know what you’re going to do this summer (because you just told us).

Caitlin H. on this visual diary entry: "Got college results and now am feeling weird about a summer of potential loneliness."

Caitlin H. on this visual diary entry: “Got college results and now am feeling weird about a summer of potential loneliness.”


I need this time alone to remember what I feel like when I feel like myself. Read More »


I lie still in the wet grass, panting, sweat rolling down my brow. Read More »


It’s pretty ridiculous, impaling our body parts to try to look more beautiful/fashionable/what? Read More »

Editor’s note: Marah is traveling this week, without access to the internet.


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  • gvantsa-goes-by-wendy July 2nd, 2014 7:24 PM

    damn, Lilly, it’s so cool that you have soccer, I mean that you have something you love so much and are good at and try your best to reach more succes, at only 15. I’m a bit jealous – in a friendly way – coz there are so many things I could’ve pursued and been quite good at but didn’t, so much stuff I missed out on. But your entry made me smile, and I’m glad for you, good luck!

  • gvantsa-goes-by-wendy July 2nd, 2014 7:27 PM

    oh, and I forgot, the fact that it’s soccer AND that you’re a 15 year-old female, there’s something quite badass about it. I know it shouldn’t be considered badass and it’s because of our patriarchal society, but that’s the way it is and what you do IS inspiring for many girls, I think. Even for me, who is 3 years older than you. :) x

  • weetzie July 2nd, 2014 8:27 PM

    ANANDA the Once More With Feeling soundtrack was like the only thing I listened to for 4 months last spring when I was depressed, hearing it referenced here is so special because I probably know all the words and would watch the episode once or twice a week all throughout the end of the school year when I was in such a bad place.

  • Mimi7 July 2nd, 2014 10:35 PM

    I don’t think that getting your ears pieced has to be because you’re trying to be fashionable or pretty to other people. It can be just because it seems fun to attach jewels or cute objects to yourself. Earrings are like glitter or body stickers.

  • Kilani July 3rd, 2014 9:26 AM

    Ananda I love that you are listening to the Once More With Feeling soundtrack. That is my favorite episode of Buffy.

  • Paola July 3rd, 2014 4:56 PM

    uh oh Ananda you just got a recently-initiated Buffy watcher really excited for this “Once More With Feeling” ep. Also, Lily, I’m on my school’s soccer team and I’ve been trying so hard to try to get up and start preparing for the season; last season was kind of a bummer. I can’t seem to find the motivation until now; I guess it’s not a good thing that I can’t find motivation within myself but when I hear about what other people are doing… let’s just say thanks to you I’m going to work really hard tomorrow morning.