Last night I said to my mom, “I feel like all of my interests are conflicting with one another.”

She explained that while I’m into a lot of different things, they aren’t necessarily conflicting—it’s just that my stronger passions take precedence over the more “minor” ones.

A part of me knows she’s right, but, obstinate teenager that I am, I refuse to accept that there’s anything “minor” about any of my passions. My mom doesn’t think I should worry about any of this, but I worry about the future. I love science and feminism and sports, but eventually I’ll have to pick one, right? It would be awfully hard to double-major in astrophysics and gender studies, plus play on a Division I soccer team.

I’m in 10th grade, and sometimes I feel like, I still have two whole years of high school left! But other times, I’m like, I only have two years of high school left?! The latter thought hit me hard this spring. I was playing soccer and trying to keep my grades up and attempting to find time for everything else that I wanted to do. Once the school year ended, though, I switched from only to still. All these seemingly endless summer-vacation days give me time to give all my pastimes my full attentions. I come home from the library with stacks of books about feminism and extraterrestrial life (two topics which rarely intersect, alas), then I run and kick things until every muscle in my body is sore. I have time to make being 15 last a little longer.

And time to write—for example, right now, right here. So hello, Rookie readers! I’m Lilly, and I’m super excited to be sharing my life with you in this diary starting today. Get ready for some geeking out about science and soccer and math. ♦