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When Will I See You Again

Reuniting with long-lost pals.


  • Anaheed May 21st, 2014 8:17 PM

    Hey, dudes. If you’re looking for our usual Wednesday diaries, they’re running on Thursday this week. The logistics of getting Marah’s diary from Syria got a bit bungled and delayed everything. Sorry, and thank you for your patience!

  • prttyvisitors May 21st, 2014 8:36 PM

    God, everything about this is so beautiful! Overall, this photo diary made me miss my friends more than ever.

  • sungiant May 21st, 2014 8:45 PM

    everyone is so beautiful <3

  • ghostgurl May 21st, 2014 8:53 PM

    this photo diary gives me the wanderlust blues! lovely photography Maria! (hope to see more soon!!!!!!!!)

  • kittyweasel May 21st, 2014 8:56 PM

    20 & 27 hnnngggg love

  • frannomanno May 21st, 2014 9:09 PM

    love 28, 30, 46, 59, and 60!!

  • Me_Magalloway May 21st, 2014 9:22 PM

    Lovely photos!
    It look so beautiful there(:
    I especially love 34


  • CBM May 21st, 2014 10:01 PM

    Such a gorgeous photo set! Made me miss my friends too <3

  • Suzie Q May 21st, 2014 10:03 PM

    insanely jealous of your life, the photos are gorgeous

  • Eileen May 21st, 2014 10:42 PM

    I just love 31 so so much

  • Pearl May 22nd, 2014 2:57 AM

    Maria, your friends are the coolest!
    #30 I need that bag.
    P for Pearl

  • Sho-Sho May 22nd, 2014 6:24 AM

    This is so great! You’re all so cool!

  • Vlada May 22nd, 2014 6:33 AM

    Beautiful beautiful pictures you have there!! I hope you get to see your friends more often and to see more of your work soon. Btw I love number 8.

    PS: This is my blog http://speakingofvlada.blogspot.com.es/

  • Berries May 22nd, 2014 10:13 AM


  • Amy Rose May 22nd, 2014 1:03 PM

    María Fernanda, your photos always make my day/week/life so much more beautiful. The waterfall series! You rule.

  • elliecp May 22nd, 2014 1:30 PM

    I love these! It’s lovely to celebrate times like these even if they are few and far between! <3


  • shalalala May 22nd, 2014 5:54 PM

    i wanna hang out with you guys

  • samieh_m May 22nd, 2014 6:16 PM

    Wish I had a journey like this!!

  • Tyknos93 May 22nd, 2014 8:14 PM

    Goodness pic 20 made me melt! Your crew looks really awesome.

  • bellknev May 23rd, 2014 12:36 AM

    the most amazing photo set ever, what kind of camera do you use?! xxxx

  • luvcat May 23rd, 2014 11:42 AM

    these photos are beautiful! they all feel like authentic moments where reaall good things were happening. are these film pictures?? xoxo

  • inesc May 23rd, 2014 3:50 PM

    These are beautiful. I specially like #23 because it reminds me of summer nights so much. It really reminds me of, like, going out with friends and forgetting what time it is and where you are and everything, like time has stopped, and you feel totally free.

    xx Inés

  • connie. May 24th, 2014 1:08 AM

    Sososososo beautiful. Those landscapes are amazing.

  • Janis May 24th, 2014 1:53 AM

    God I love your pictures and your friends, Maria! Wish I had friends (and time) like yours!

  • AnaRuiz May 24th, 2014 12:20 PM

    These pictures are amazing!! My obsession with Mexico started thanks to Frida Kahlo, and continues through your pictures! Thank you for helping me live it vicariously.


  • 3LL3NH May 25th, 2014 4:54 PM

    It looks like an amazing time, your photos always do. Beautiful friendships.

  • Kate May 25th, 2014 5:06 PM

    beautiful photo set! #31 where’s the bag from??? i must know!!!

  • pizzaface June 1st, 2014 7:37 AM

    Totally love this photoset! It makes me feel summer and sun and friends.
    And it also makes me even more excited to go to Mexico this summer which I actually am! hahaha