During the day, I use BB cream, mascara, cream blush, and concealer. Now that I’ve mastered the basics, I’d also like to mix up what I wear without spending too much extra time on my face. Any tips for a lazy person looking to try something new? —Hannah, 22, Madrid

I ask myself this question every week! The thing about experimenting with new beauty stuff is that if you go way far outside of what you’re used to, you risk not loving it, getting frustrated, and reverting back to your old, boring (to you) ways. So instead of making a giant leap to the other side of the makeup aisle and then being like, “I LOOK LIKE A CLOWN! GIMME BACK MY TWO-MINUTE FACE,” try making small but exciting (to you) adjustments to the makeup you’re comfortable with.

Here are some non-scary alternatives to the stuff you’re already using that won’t take up any more time or require you to learn any complicated techniques, but WILL reinvigorate your morning routine:

Instead of BB cream, try a tinted moisturizer with SPF. NARS makes my favorite one of all: It’s actually moisturizing and actually coverage-providing, neither of which I’ve found to be true of the other BB creams I’ve tried. Some tinted moisturizers also contain “illuminators,” which are light-reflecting ingredients that give you a subtle glow. Check out the ones on offer from Neutrogena, Stila, and Laura Mercier if this sounds like something you’d be into.

Have you thought about using a colored mascara? My friend Sarah has this cobalt blue one from By Terry, and even when her face is otherwise bare, she looks like a beautiful butterfly (if butterflies had blue eyelashes). It also comes purple, green, and red, if you’re feeling extra-adventurous. That brand IS expensive, though, so if you’re not sure about this idea, test out this way cheaper version from Almay. Here’s an example of just how rad colored mascara can look:

This broad is VERY FOCUSED on Technicoloring her face. Photo via Makeup.com.

This broad is VERY FOCUSED on Technicoloring up her lashes. Photo via Makeup.com.

If you’re going to stick to a cream blush, why not try a convertible one that you can also use on your lips for a change—this one from Stila is my fave—or a powder formulation like this one from L’Oreal? And how about skipping the concealer? Whoa, did I just shave time from your routine? Holler at my PayPal, girl. —Jane Marie

My cheeks are constantly red, but not in a healthy sort of way—it’s more of an “Oh god, is that a rash?” look. I’m not sure if this is because I have sensitive skin or some other factor. What do I do?

It sounds like rosacea to me, but *I AM NOT A DOCTOR.* I was, however, diagnosed with rosacea two years ago, so I know at least a little something about it. My skin has always flushed like crazy under certain conditions. I never knew how to deal with it until I saw a dermatologist, and it’s not a problem for me anymore! Phewsh.

Rosacea, simply put, is a swelling of the blood vessels in your skin. It’s usually harmless, but sometimes it goes hand-in-hand with more-serious eye or skin conditions. So before we go on, I recommend that you get yourself to a dermatologist and have a chat with them, stat. Or, not stat, because this isn’t a MEGA emergency, but just make an appointment so you’ll have your answer for sure. I also suggest perusing this website about rosacea. It has a list of common triggers (sun! heat! wine!) and some interesting research, if you, like me, are into nerding out about your body’s very special weirdnesses.

Whether or not you have rosacea, there are ways to conceal redness if you’re feeling self-conscious about it (although, of course, if you aren’t, go ahead with your barefaced self). On the cheaper end of things, Physician’s Formula makes lots of color-correcting products, like this green-tinted concealer. It’ll take some practice to figure out the right amount to apply without looking Kermit-esque, but here’s the basic idea: Clean and moisturize your skin, then use your fingertips or a sponge to apply a very light layer of the concealer to the red areas on your face. Use a dab-dab-dab motion and start out light—you can add more later if you want. There will be a sweet spot where the color will seem to cancel out the red before actually turning you green. Stop there! Allow it to dry for a few minutes. Then apply your normal foundation, if you use that, not just over the green concealer, but to the rest of your face, too, so there’s no line of demarcation. For a little more money, Graftobian has an excellent color-correcting palette, and M.A.C. recently got into the anti-redness game, too. The choice is yours! —Jane Marie ♦

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