How to Chanel-ify Your Face

A look for stomping down the runway of your LIFE.

A model backstage at Chanel’s spring 2014 haute couture presentation. Photographed by Tim Blanks. Via

A model backstage at Chanel’s spring 2014 haute couture presentation. Photographed by Tim Blanks. Via

Every fashion season, I fixate on that one special makeup look that makes me swoon. Right now, it’s the shimmery eye, above, from Chanel’s spring 2014 haute couture show. Glitter liner + cat-eye liner = a beauty adventure that I would like to take whenever humanly possible. But I don’t always have time to glue tiny gems to my face in the morning, so my day-to-day steez is considerably lower-key.

After some experimentation, I came up with a simpler look that gives me plenty of sparkly glamor for the very minimal effort I’m willing to exert. It’s not a re-creation of the Chanel original, but an interpretation—and one that you can wear literally anytime you want, because it takes but a matter of minutes. Onward!

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

Step One:


Trace your upper lash lines with black liquid eyeliner, making sure the lines are nice and thick. Extend the line downward and inward a touch past the inner corner of your eye, like in the picture above.

Step Two:
At the outer corners of your eyes, draw and fill in wing shapes. The tips of the wings should point up diagonally toward the outer ends of your eyebrows. This part can be a little tricky, but you can use a Q-tip to fix any smudges.

Step Three:


Load your blending brush with eye shadow. (I mixed a shimmery pink shade with a gold one.) Starting at the inner corners of your eyes, trace your lower lash lines with the shadow. Make these lines as thick as you want. You can also trace over that line with another color of shadow. (I added a line of silver over the pink and gold.) Seriously, do not hold back! It’s OK if the shadow gets into your bottom lashes—it’s pretty, and you won’t be putting mascara on them anyway.

Step Four:

Apply mascara to just your top lashes. The number of coats is totally your call, depending on how much volume you’re going for.


Now strut! ♦