24 Hour Party People

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María Fernanda Molins

María Fernanda Molins is a person who does things—mostly photography. She likes to sing and loves her friends and the sea. She's comforted by Hello Kitty and the combination of pink and orange.

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  1. i’m in awe at how amazing this photo set is…like everything is so perfect how is this even possible

  2. This is probably my favourite rookie shoot so far. I can’t describe how perfect it is!

  3. one time i took a lot of pictures in a mcdonald’s to use for a yearbook page for my high school, because mcdonald’s is the one hang out spot we have. luckily no one told me to stop taking pictures, probably because the two guys working up front were grads of our high school. however, i have been told to stop taking pictures while inside a whole foods and a cub foods (a grocery chain in the midwest). ugh whyyyy tho

  4. These are all so pretty and perfect!

  5. Qué bonito ver fotos de Rookie de una calle como Madero por la que ha pasado uno tántas veces… a huevo, Fernanda. Eres bien chida

  6. ohmyGOD i admire you guys in that Mcdonalds scene. I actually imagined the woman driving you out in Mexican which is 10x better.

    the best thing about this is probably when you had a night picnic right outside. LOL i love you guys. this photo set made me so happy. i’m so so obsessed with monochromes and i totally freaked out when i saw #14! definitely one of my favorite rookie shoots.

    1. hahaahha i know it was kinda funny, we speak spanish btw not mexican haha (っ• ◡ •)っ

    1. Adrián had some stickers haha so he just put those on their hair and it was beautiful
      you can try that too , just be careful when you want to take em’ off :)

  7. We went outside, and when the police got there, I was like, “Dude!!! There’s people getting robbed outside this restaurant, and you’re using your time to tell me to go home because I’m taking pictures at a McDonald’s?”

    I`m laughing sooooooooooo much!!! Wonderful photoshot!

  8. pictures are so so so perfect.Who calls the police because of someone taking a few AMAZING photos???

  9. Hey que padre que son del DF! Me di cuenta hasta la septima foto (eso es en el zocalo?) que lastima que me mude a Queretaro, sigan publicando cosas! :)

  10. “Have you ever Googled McDonald’s?”
    When I plan on imaging my life into this shoot, that will be my catchphrase. There are so many feels here and I really wanna grow out my hair now just so I can put those stars in it.

    Thank you, Maria!

  11. Gorgeous, awesome, rad photo set! Saved a lot of the pictures in my collection of amazing photos on my laptop :)
    The combination of the outfits, the setting and the photo itself is just fabulous. And I love the stars in the hair!

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