Sunday Video: How to Do a Rainbow Kick With St. Vincent

Annie Clark teaches you some sweet soccer moves.

You maybe already know that St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) is a guitar god, or that her new album, St. Vincent, is coming out next month. But we’re guessing you’ve never heard that she’s got some sweet soccer moves, which she totally does. In this video, she’s going to teach you one called the Rainbow. And you won’t need Bend It Like Beckham–style soccer skills (or any soccer skills) to learn it! Like Annie will tell you, it’ll just take some practice:


  • pizzaface January 26th, 2014 12:50 PM

    really cool but i don’t really do physical sports or just physical movement at all sooo :)

  • Laia January 26th, 2014 12:53 PM

    this is so rad!

  • soviet_kitsch January 26th, 2014 2:10 PM

    this was so fantastic. i’m so stoked for her new album and she looks like a cool grandma

  • emilylime January 26th, 2014 2:40 PM

    I LOVE ANNIE! She’s so beyond bad ass.

  • herdinthehalls January 26th, 2014 6:03 PM

    Annie Clark + billowing cloak + cool soccer trick = PURE AWESOME!

  • mangointhesky January 26th, 2014 6:27 PM

    Oh MY GOSH! This is SO cool! She’s so amazing, playing an amazing trick like that while wearing this billowing cloak. I wish I were more into soccer now….

  • Mimi7 January 26th, 2014 9:32 PM

    This is so cool, it just makes me smile. I was havin kind of a bad night and then I saw this and it made me feel so much better.

  • rhymeswithorange January 27th, 2014 12:59 AM

    I love her!!

  • piisaa January 27th, 2014 5:38 AM

    How come she is so cool?? This led me to her music which is even more amazing than her hair (if that is even possible). Really cool trick! Loved the video <3

  • minhai1234 January 27th, 2014 6:26 AM

    I love her hair colour! It looks awesome. wowowowoowie

  • yonatasha January 27th, 2014 10:55 AM

    I want to know where Annie’s jacket + sweater are from! she’s got killer style

  • orthopedicsaddleshoes January 27th, 2014 11:22 AM


  • aleisha.burton January 27th, 2014 11:41 AM

    rock genius/soccer champion. What can she not do?

  • christinachristina January 27th, 2014 2:45 PM

    This is amazing.


  • Hecticglow January 27th, 2014 4:59 PM

    St. Vincent is the coolest beans why oh why can’t I be her!?!

  • Breen January 27th, 2014 10:17 PM

    Now I wish I still played soccer. :(

  • Nobre January 28th, 2014 6:01 AM

    So funny!!

  • figgy January 28th, 2014 11:27 AM

    Yesssss I love both the video and the mention of Bend It Like Beckham <3 Greatness

  • painting_the_roses_pink January 28th, 2014 10:48 PM

    Yes, yes to all of this. I love this woman!! I want to be gal pals with her!

  • Skeletorinlove February 2nd, 2014 11:07 AM

    Such a fun video! I can’t wait for the new album. Any idea what shoes are on feet? While not wholly soccer appropriate, they are gorgeous!