DIY UFO Manicure

Nails that say “take me to your leader” in the cutest possible way.


Movie and TV characters like the alien hunk played by Jeff Goldblum in Earth Girls Are Easy and the otherworldly beings on The X-Files have always made me look up at the great vastness of our skies and wonder, WHAT DA HALES IS OUT THERE??? Even though I’d actually be terrified if I saw a UFO IRL, ~I want to believe!~ If you do too, this cute alien-themed manicure is the perfect way to have an extraterrestrial sighting anytime you want—no spaceship required.

What you’ll need:


Step One:


Paint your nails with your blue or black base polish.

Step Two:


Starting at the tip, paint your nail about three-quarters of the way down with your gold polish. This will be the background for your cute alien guy.

Step Three:

Pour your green polish onto your plate and dab one of the nail brushes in it.

Step Four:

Draw your alien head. Let’s call him Herman.

Step Five:

Let Herman’s face dry, then dab his eyes on with the black striper. Herman is ready to party!

Step Six:


Using a different brush, paint a UFO with silver polish.

Step Seven:

Dip your dotting pen into the green polish, then touch it lightly to your nail to make tiny spots on the UFO.

Step Eight:

Paint a few more UFOs or aliens on your other nails. For a subtler (aka lazier) look, paint the top half of one nail with one glitter and the bottom half with another glitter. Glitter makes everything look like a STARRY SKY!

Step Nine:


Apply your top coat to each nail, and ta-da! You’re now the proud creator of an out-of-this-world manicure that says not only “Look how awesome I am at nail art” but also “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER.” ♦


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