Running Around the Same Old Town

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Sandy Honig

Sandy Honig is an NYC-based photographer and comedian. Say hey on Twitter, Tumblr, or her website.

20 thoughts on “Running Around the Same Old Town”

  1. New York…. ugh….i’ve been there twice and its too amazing, I swear. Each time I left I went through like a month’s worth of ”why is everything so boring like why waaaahhh” depression. I’m definitely moving there as soon as I can (seriously) :)

    1. It’s like 8000 words long, numerous staffers have to look over it since a bunch were involved, no sleep at Rookie HQ, plz be patient.

      1. Ok, sorry for being rude and an uncessary pressure, I’m really excited to read what you guys have to say about this amazing brilliant thing that took place in December 13th.

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