How to Brag About Awesome Stuff You Have Done Without Seeming Full of Yourself

  1. Wait for the right opening, like when something relevant to your exciting news comes up, or when someone asks “How are things going with you?” If no one’s asking, that should be something you and your pals fix immediately—my girlfriends and I are always checking in with each other.
  2. The key here is to show your unbridled enthusiasm and not downplay it or make it sound like it’s not a big deal. Try saying, “I’m actually over the moon, wetting my pants excited right now because _______. I’ve been working hard and am really happy it paid off.” People often downplay their excitement because they think it’s too braggy, but then it just looks like you don’t care about your accomplishments. If you’re excited, be excited!
  3. Do NOT humblebrag. Don’t say, “I don’t know why they picked me” or “I was shocked” or “I’m sure the whole organization will crumble now that I’m an assistant manager.” Self-deprecation can be hilarious when used comedically, but if you’re legitimately excited, there’s no use for it. It’s basically a way of bragging while pretending you’re not bragging. You just need to own it.
  4. Don’t follow up with “What have you done lately?” That just makes it seem like a competition.
  5. Optional: If you really want to brag and you just can’t help it, make a pact with a friend that the two of you can unabashedly brag about stuff any time you want. I’ve done this for years and it’s awesome. No judgments—just unabashed, braggy joy.