Marie and Lola

We have power panties.

Marie: I’m not talking about sexy underwear you put on when you want to turn it out in the boudoir for your lovah—I’m talking about a very comfortable pair of underwear that makes you feel like everything is right in the world when you put them on, the kind of underwear that will help you invoke your inner power when you wear them. I have a pair of hot-pink silk granny panties that I wear only at night after having a powerfully positive day. They give me nocturnal inspiration and good vibes for the eventful day ahead.

Lola: I also have THE PERFECT PAIR of Power Panties (PPPP). They are full-butt, with a panel in the front that goes right up to my belly button (that is a panel of power). They are crafted out of a thick, vibrant, and shamelessly artificial royal-blue nylon—the color of JEWELS and GEMS—with black contrast elastic. I got them for one dollar at an irregular-surplus store, and I was so excited about them that I pulled them on in the parking lot, sitting in my car. That’s when I first felt the strength of the PPPP surge through me. If my lucky underwear were a gesture, they’d be an encouraging smile and two strong thumbs up.