Teen Angst Circus

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  1. haha this is so true. I always manage to bump into something pointy when I dance in my room, or anywhere really, cause I’m clumsy like that. And when I do manage to keep my eyes open after 1am (which is very rare), I always have a craving for something healthy, like grapes. So then I want to eat it, ’cause I never crave healthy foods, but it’s late/really early so I know I shouldn’t. Most of the time I do anyway, though, and manage to step on every creaky place on the stairs and wake up my mom. Or my sister.

  2. Ahh for my summer art homework I had to make an inspo file and it was basically all art by Ana and Kendra that I found on their tumblrs, and then some Suzy X, Simpsons, Daria, Ghost World and Scott Pilgrim. Oh! And some screencaps w my fav, Tina Belcher.

    1. This past weekend I was almost late for a wedding because my winged eyeliner would just. Not. Go. On. Right. At 25, with about 10 years of experience under my belt, you’d think I’d have had enough experience to be able to do it well enough in my sleep!

      Ah muscle memory, you fickle little thing…

  3. OH MY GOODNESS this made me laugh so hard best sunday comic ever haha got the flowwwwww
    I stood up til 5 last night i FEEEEL YOU for the urge to cook a full meal :))
    literally the best thing ever: this?

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