A Guide to Faking

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Emily V. Gordon

Emily V. Gordon is an L.A.–based writer, comedy producer, and podcaster. You can find her talking about video games on the podcast The Indoor Kids, making comedy happen on The Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail on Comedy Central, or writing about relationship and self-esteem issues on her Tumblr. You can also buy Super You, her funny self-improvement guide for women, here!

34 thoughts on “A Guide to Faking”

  1. even if I’m totally bored by the subject, I love hearing people talk about what they’re passionate about…

    …even if it means having to listen to my dad explain to me in detail the medicinal properties of all the plants we pass by on a walk. Also the more I listen to people talk about stuff they’re interested in, the more people will reciprocally put up with me when I start to ramble on about the dumb things I’m interested in

    p.s. I agree about fake cheese! the WORST!

    1. I think listening to people talk about what they love is awesome too! :D even if it’s, like, haemorrhoid cream. I just really like listening to people get excited and happy about something :)

  2. just wanted to say that i love love love today’s sunset background and this article/photoset
    hope to see more articles like this! :)

  3. The meat thing, YES. I’ve had issues with some (ahem) PETA-esque vegetarians who tried to tell me I’m somehow less of a veggie because I eat quorn. Like, okay guys. You’re missing out/get over yourself.

  4. these are really good reminders!!!!!!! I actually am probably too nice to people and act too interested when they’re talking about their interests and so eventually it gets to the point that whenever I talk to them, the conversation totally revolves around them. I guess I need to let them know that we have separate interests.


  5. I love this so much. Very fun. One of my favorite Rookie posts in a while, actually. Pretty great for something so simple.

  6. this is cute and you are totally right about vegan cheese, I haven’t found a decent one yet!

  7. Well I got a kick out of this one, especially the parent conversation part–Lord knows that’ll make moms happy!


  8. I can pretty much confirm the last one, I mean vegan cheese is great when it’s melted (pizza can taste like pizza again!) but not so much when it’s ‘fresh’.

    This was a wonderful comic!

  9. I quite like this. I LOVE ROOKIE COMICS YAY

    Just want to add that I LOVE FAKE CHEESE. I love vegan macaroni cheese (made with nutritional yeast) SO much more than the normal stuff. And cheese toasties and I can’t think of anything else with cheese in it right now haha.
    Also yeah, of course it’s not going to be EXACTLY the same as cheese, but personally I’m not there eating it for a not-cheese-but-perfect-replica-of-it, but because IT TASTES SO GOOD KSJEFNSEIUFWEUFW.

    Anyway. <3

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