This week was too hectic and full of different things like the New York State Earth Science Regents Exam and graduation rehearsals and ceremonies and trying to capture memories that are slowly slipping away as everyone readies themselves for the incoming force that is high school. As it gets closer I can feel its gravitational pull getting stronger, pulling me out of middle school.

Everything is a blur. I keep forgetting to do the simplest things, like writing back my pen pal (sorry) and handing in textbooks. Handing in textbooks is the worst, because I have lug to school a backpack that feels like a boulder, and I must let go of yet another memento of my last year of middle school. Memories of this year play in my mind: Sitting at my desk in midwinter, groaning about wanting to graduate already. Hours spent talking to my best friend about high school and crushes and the universe. Wishing for summer. What happens next? Will high school be better or worse? ♦