April 20/21, 2013
About 1:30 AM
Samhita and Teresa

Question 1

GABBY So, what does Samhita spend most of her time thinking about?


Samhita: 0 | Teresa: 1

Question 2

GABBY What is Teresa’s biggest vice?

SAMHITA Like what she does, or…?

GABBY Like, some people’s vice is smoking, or it could be like, “She watches Pretty Little Liars all night long.”

[A glass breaks nearby, followed by laughter.]

SAMHITA This is an exciting IHOP.

GABBY So what would you say is your biggest vice, Teresa??

TERESA’S ANSWER Eating food.

Samhita: 1 | Teresa: 1

LOLA Oh my god! You guys are incredible!

GABBY Yeah, you guys are on top of this. [Eyeing Teresa’s plate] So, I like how you poured your syrup in a very uniform striped pattern.

TERESA Haha, yeah, I know.

LOLA She’s serious about food.

GABBY A good syrup-to-surface ratio.

Question 3

LOLA Samhita, write down what you think Teresa’s going to do to tomorrow. It’s a Saturday.

TERESA I’m definitely going to lounge. I’m going to eat. And we were supposed to go to the Plaza to get the Lady M crepe cake.

WHAT SAMHITA WROTE Sleep, eat, go to Lady M for lunch.
Samhita: 2 | Teresa: 1

GABBY I’m a little weirded out, you guys.

LOLA In a good way. A good, healthy way.

SAMHITA I feel like these are things you should know about someone you’re friends with, and if you don’t, you shouldn’t be friends with that person.

LOLA Guys, I am so impressed.

Winner: Let’s just accept that they would both get all the answers right for infinity and call it a win-win.