Ramani Perera


we’re breaking and i can feel it
you’re holding on by your teeth
i’m trying to fix this with my hands
but my fingers are slipping and your teeth are cracking
and it’s ruining us
and it’s breaking us

you were at my side always but
we were together always but
i was there for you always but

there is none of that anymore
and there never can be

not with my slipping fingers
not with your cracking teeth
we can’t fix this and we can’t fix this and we can’t fix us
because i’m tired of falling off the edge and climbing back up only to fall back down and get

again and again and again
always again

i know you’re tired too because
we couldn’t make us work but we were right for each other and i still know you and every
inch of you and your mind and i can see your bruises
here and here and here

so i won’t cover up your cracking teeth
if you don’t try to hold my slipping fingers
and maybe we can start over
build something new

not a new us but a new you and me
one where if we fall we won’t get hurt
because we’ll still have each other but someone else to catch us

again and again and again