These Streets Will Never Look the Same

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Sandy Honig

Sandy Honig is an NYC-based photographer and comedian. Say hey on Twitter, Tumblr, or her website.

35 thoughts on “These Streets Will Never Look the Same”

  1. Oh my gosh I love these! #4…I wish I was that small again so that people would tote me around XD
    And #12 is awesome because I kind of (REALLY) like thunderstorms…

  2. I really love #12. The description of it being the calm before the storm is perfectly captured in the photo. (:

  3. Nostalgia for colourful and vibrant Latin America… And here I am stuck in the grey with a potential weather forecast of snow. In March. When its meant to be spring.

  4. these are so great !!
    buenos aires is my dream city, i lived there for a few months and i’m dying to go back and live there for good – could you maybe do some kind of feature on it ?? would love features on various cities/places around the world !
    thanks rookie you’re the best

  5. these photos are so beautiful (#9 is my favorite) *-* I’m from south america, when I was a kid I loved to spray this kind of foam everywhere haha :))

  6. These are beautiful, Sandy! I love the colors and symmetry. They make me want to go to Buenos Aires, looks like so much fun. Oh, and the girl in #2 is the cutest child ever.

  7. The little in #2 is so precious and I luv #11 the could be besties, mother and mother or a couple makes me wonder what their relationship together is like

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