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Saturday Links: Animal Invasion Edition

Close encounters with owls, kangaroos, and internet dbags.


Collisions between wildlife and cars rarely make for pleasant YouTube videos. This week, there was this exception. An owl in Florida survived a run-in with an SUV, and instead of becoming roadkill, our Great Horned hero managed to safely slip behind the car’s grille. The owl just kind of hung out there during an overnight road trip, and who knows how much longer she would have had to stay put had a passerby not informed the driver the next day that there were two bright-yellow eyes staring out of the vehicle. Rescuers took apart the front of the SUV to free the bird, who was understandably “very stressed.” But don’t worry! Vets say she’s going to be OK.

Kate Upton posed in a bikini in Antarctica for Sports Illustrated, and the experience was EVEN MORE AWFUL than it sounds. She was so cold she couldn’t feel her own limbs, so her editors had to move her legs for her. Then when she came back to the U.S., it got worse. “I was, like, losing hearing and eyesight,” she said on the Today show earlier this week. “My body was shutting down, it was working so hard to keep me warm.” She seems proud that she pushed herself to the limit, and props to her for that—I would have wussed out as soon as I heard the word arctic. But Amanda Hess at Slate wonders what Sports Illustrated was thinking: “All it takes is one Sports Illustrated editor to say: It’s unethical and unnecessary to endanger a model in order to make $1 billion off of her suffering, and we’re not going to do that.”


One of my favorite bands, Gossip, released this new music video yesterday and it is funny and cute and awesome.

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but when a friend sent me this anonymous Tumblr post about amazing girls who objected to a supposedly “fun” V-Day game at their school, it made me want to celebrate their bravery. The game involved paper hearts being handed out at the beginning of the day—but only to female students. If one even talked to a boy, she had to “give him her heart.” And the guys? They got raffle tickets for every paper heart they collected and didn’t have to give up A THING. To the ladies who used their hearts to protest: I’m proud of you!


During a women’s golf tournament in Australia on Thursday, a bunch of kangaroos decided to invade the golf course and run wild! To the kangaroos who went out of their way to shake things up a little and pull us momentarily out of the monotony of daily life (and golf): I’m proud of you.

Apparently Fiona Apple’s dad is awesome, too, to no one’s surprise. Love of my life Amy Rose posted this screenshot on BuzzFeed a few days ago:

That’s the comments section under some stupid jab at Fiona on Fuse.tv. Fiona’s father is indeed named Brandon Maggart, he graduated from the University of Tennessee, that’s him in the profile photo, and we know that he had a part in raising a girl who is kind and perceptive and holds firm to her convictions (and doesn’t back down from a fight), so all signs point to yes—except maybe the one where why is Fiona Apple’s dad browsing the fun ’n’ games section of the Fuse website? But I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE (and I’m proud of you, too, Brandon).


In my home state of Illinois, we got the most beautiful news on Valentine’s Day: the state Senate approved our marriage equality bill, which would make same-sex marriage legal! It still has to be passed by the state’s House of Representatives, and then it needs to be signed by the governor (who already tweeted his support), but I’m so proud that Illinois is on its way to becoming the 10th state to recognize everyone’s right to marry the person he or she loves!


Lena Dunham and Patrick Wilson

Whenever Lena Dunham takes off her clothes on Girls (basically every episode), it’s pretty much guaranteed that the internet will freak out. The aftermath of last week’s episode—heavily featuring Dunham in sexy-time mode with guest star Patrick Wilson—was no exception. Most of the “think pieces” that showed up online the next day found overt or sly ways to criticize Dunham’s body, and the comments on the articles were even worse. But Kate Spencer’s thoughtful Tumblr post about how Dunham’s onscreen comfort with her nudity has made Spencer feel better about her own body is a nice antidote to all that. ♦


  • Tyknos93 February 16th, 2013 12:42 PM

    Congrats Illinois!!! I doubt my assbackwards home state will reach a conclusion like this anytime in the next century :(
    Also Beth Ditto be my spiritual guide.


  • StellaBerlin February 16th, 2013 12:51 PM

    Go the heart girls!
    and same sex marriage! YAY!

  • noquierodecir February 16th, 2013 12:55 PM

    Okay maybe this sounds super creepy but I looked through the Brandon Maggart profile (the one of the guy who commented), and I think it is Fiona Apple’s dad for real, because he’s Facebook friends with all the Maggarts who, according to Wikipedia (fueled my stalking), are his children.

    So cool !

  • catpower44 February 16th, 2013 1:24 PM

    The owl is so cute and I’m glad it’s going to be ok! Also, how awful is that? Making a model stand outside and having to move her legs! That’s absolutely horrible.

    Anaheed! I love the kangaroos! The Gossip music video is pretty awesome too!


  • caro nation February 16th, 2013 3:30 PM

    Throughout the Kate Upton piece I kept thinking about “NBC’s Hot Blondes in Weird Places Initiative.” (I’M STILL MOURNING 30 ROCK OKAY) The whole thing sounds like something a 7th grade boy would dream up.

  • CorduroyMagic February 16th, 2013 3:44 PM

    My class did that same heart game in 8th grade, but I think it was a the boys who couldn’t talk, and then we played it again on St.Patrick’s day (I don’t know) and it was the girls turn. I just remember thinking it was really dumb and nobody really participating. I’m not sure they intended for it to be sexist, I think they just read about the game somewhere and thought it would be fun. I do agree that it IS sexist though, just that I wouldn’t say the school it bad, just ignorant maybe.

  • StrawberryTwist February 16th, 2013 5:19 PM

    The owl story was very interesting! I’m so glad the owl is going to be alright
    Also I loved the kangaroo story! :)

  • redheadjess February 16th, 2013 6:25 PM

    The Valentine’s thing is so awesome! Wish we were at school for valentines hahaha.


  • sedgwick February 16th, 2013 7:15 PM

    Kangaroos on golf courses here are like totes normal, they always hang out there, or just anywhere with some fab grass, sports ovals, front lawns, etc

  • roosa February 16th, 2013 8:23 PM

    it’s 3.30am here in europe and i can’t sleep because of too much caffeine and so here i am, tired and smiling at an owl with yellow eyes and jumping kangaroos and especially at the man in the kangaroo video at 1.02. ESPECIALLY at him. <3!

  • mockest February 16th, 2013 9:52 PM

    Love Gossip’s new video.

    However, a bit disappointed that I’ve heard the girls at Rookie talk about Lena Dunham without addressing the problematic aspects of her new emergence as a “feminist icon.” Lena Dunham is not the kind of feminist I think we should be idolizing here.

    • Maya Chimera February 17th, 2013 8:37 PM

      Can you expand a little why you think so? I’m just curious…

  • Paint By Numbers February 17th, 2013 1:27 AM

    Kangaroos are always on golf courses! Great that they were actually there for a tournament.

  • izi February 17th, 2013 11:24 AM

    I absolutely love Gossip…made my day to see them featured on here :3

  • numoon_vintage February 18th, 2013 7:02 PM

    I feel like people who criticize Lena’s body just really miss the point, because she’s totally egging them on.
    There’s that episode where Jessa’s husband says to Hannah something like “I like what you do with your body, and how you wear that, and i think it’s awesome” and its lol funny because he’s earnestly trying to compliment her but he insults her at the same time.
    Then in the movie Tiny Furniture, she gets in a fight with her sister and her sister calls her “disgusting” for walking around in panties at a party and posting youtube videos of herself naked.
    And that outfit Hannah’s roommate/ex boyfriend picked out for her… and when she trades it in for a fishnet top…
    Lena’s obviously aware of what she’s doing and its all very “wink, wink”… and there really is a lot to say about what she’s doing because its pretty brilliant, powerful, and hilarious at the same time. If a person’s first reaction to watching girls is to write “why is this fat woman getting naked on tv?”, then they are really short sighted and ignorant and Lena’s doing us all a favor by inciting them to show just how ignorant they are.