The Kiss

I don’t want something that’s lifeless and wan,
I don’t want something polite and puckery.
I am seeking something oceanic,
something Shakespearean in scope,
something that will cause climate change
in all my body parts.
I want something so dramatic
that Rachel McAdams
will want to star in the movie adaptation
of our kiss.

I’m not saying it has to be perfect the first time
but I want to know
it’s a kiss that contains a promise
of cataclysmic explosion,
that tectonic plates
could possibly shift
at the merging of our mouths.

I want a kiss that will change the course of history
whether it’s global or national or local,
I want to test the Emergency Broadcast System,
I want to throb in the glorious panic of you and me
and if you can’t give me that
then I will wait
for someone
who can.
For a week.
Or two.
Never mind.
Call me back.

Kirsten Smith is an author and a screenwriter. Her credits include Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You, and She’s the Man. Her most recent novel, Trinkets, about three girls who meet in a Shoplifter’s Anonymous support group, is out in March 2013 from Little, Brown. Her Twitter is @kiwilovesyou and her favorite comedy words are “cheese” and “nipple.”